Girl Scout Ceremonies

CeremonyCeremonies mark special Girl Scout events throughout the year. They can celebrate major transitions, such as bridging to another level or getting your Girl Scout pin, commemorate your accomplishment when you earn awards, or simply make the beginning or end of your group's meeting special. You can also plan a ceremony around a theme, such as friendship or nature, that you wish to explore in thought, words, or song. Whatever its purpose, every Girl Scout ceremony enables girls to share in a special part of Girl Scout history and create their own special memories.


Girl Scout Songs

Girls SingingSince the days of Daisy Low, Girl Scouts and their leaders have been writing, singing, and playing songs that celebrate sisterhood and the fundamental ideals of Girl Scouting. Whether your favorite Girl Scout memory is from the last day of summer camp, a meaningful troop ceremony, or a special event, chances are music was a part of it.

Visit Scouting Web or Scout Songs for a good selection of traditional songs and Songs for Scouts for Girl Scout graces.

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Girl Scout SWAPS

SwapSWAPS are the Girl Scout tradition of exchanging keepsakes at camping trips, events, and just about anywhere Girl Scouts gather together. Swaps stands for Special Whatchamacallits Affectionately Pinned Somewhere.

Sit UponFind great ideas for making and sharing Swaps at Scouting Web, and Pinterest. For Swaps to go visit Scout Swap Kits where you can find fun and easy kits to get your girls started.

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